- What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a type of climbing, performed on a small rock or artifical climbing walls which is not higher than 4.5 meters.

- How do i start climbing?

Besides climbing shoes and comfortable clothes, you don’t need any equipment to do bouldering.

- I don’t have a climbing shoes, can i rent shoes?

Yes, you can rent climbing shoes for 5 TL.

- Do i have to take lessons?

We recommend beginner climbers to take lessons, in order to comprehend basic principles and develop technique, but that is not mandatory.

- Can i take a shower there?

We have one shower on both changing rooms you can use.

- Can i climb without taking lessons, do i need a reservation?

You can climb in our gym without any lessons or reservation.

- Can children climb alone?

For under 14 year old kids, we demand a custodian who is informed about safety regulations and we ask them to climb before 17:00 (when the gym’s not so busy).

- How often do you change routes?

We are making new routes every friday. Routesetting wise, we divide our gym into 8 blocs, so that’s new bloc for every week and brand new gym in 8 weeks.

- Is bouldering safe?

Yes, with a shock absorbing designed mats, indoor bouldering is totally safe.

- How many hours i can use the gym?

We don’t have a time regulation, you can use the gym as much as you like.

- Can i come everyday with the montly pass?

Even though we don’t recommend you to come every day (if you’re not an experienced climber), you can come as much as you like.

- Where do i leave my bags&stuff?

We have lockers in our changing rooms that you can use with your id card (No extra fee).